About Us

Anam Cara means “soul friend,” a person to walk beside you as you share your thoughts and feelings.

Hi, I’m Sarah, the director of Anam Cara Counseling! In therapy, my goal is to connect deeply and meaningfully, but also to allow you to feel comfortable and share openly about any aspect of your life. In my 5 years of experience in therapy, I have found that by both accepting a client as who they are and recognizing their potential to grow, we are able to achieve real change together.

I offer individual therapy, specializing in teenagers and young adults. I tend to work with people who are struggling with anxiety, relational trauma, and folks who identify as immigrants, expats, and/or 3rd culture kids.

I practice what I like to call “soft CBT.” CBT is well-researched and has been proven to effect change, but practiced rigidly, it can feel dismissive of individual circumstances. I blend CBT with my background in trauma and attachment theory in order to support the whole person: their history, their relationships, and their present circumstances.

Initial visits can be daunting because there is a lot of information to gather, but we will start by seeing how you describe the problem in your own words and then look at the ways in which I can best help you. The main mission of that first meeting is to see if we are a good fit.

At my practice, Anam Cara Counseling, you can expect convenient, virtual counseling and early morning availability, starting from 6 a.m. Pacific time. I also serve UK based clients throughout the day.

I look forward to working with you!